Middle aged woman seeks companionship

maureenYoung women looking for someone’s companionship from the same sex in Hounslow. I am a middle aged women who would love to date hot girls from my town! I would love to spend my time with someone who finally gets my feelings, who appreciates me, and who is there for me all the time, not only when he needs sex or a blowjob! I want a woman’s companionship from  Hounslow who would love a kind lover and a honest partner who is there for her as well!

I have been dating guys, but sadly I have only bad memories of the past, that is why I decided this time I will try something different, I will be dating women! Guys are jerks, they are only here for you when they are horny, and as soon as they get someone prettier with bigger boobs, will forget you ASAP! This is what made me change everything! This is what made me choose a women’s companionship over guys’! I would love to go dating with a nice person, who is into romantics as much as I am, who loves long walks, cuddling and things that will make you fall in love with the other person!

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