Aldborough Hatch outdoor group fuck

I really thought I was going to hate living in Aldborough Hatch, but after just a few short weeks here I am loving it. There’s just so much to do, like the other day I was looking for an outdoor group fuck and usually this would be really hard, but in no time at all I had a few guys and girls contact me for this. So we met up in this secluded park and wow what a massive fuck fest we had, I enjoyed it so much I really want to experience it all over again, but I need you to do that. I want to do this with as many different people as possible, it might sound a little slutty but trust me I don’t really care.

You guys might be sitting at home reading this with a nice firm cock, and well if I got you hard just by reading this, then imagine what I could do to you in person. I am willing to take on more than one guy at once, and like I said group sex is something I really enjoy, you’ve got nothing to loose by contacting me and everything to gain! So hit me up soon and lets chat.

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