Fancy cheating and playing away

I really can’t believe I’m cheating again, you see its not the first time I’ve done this and well I did promise my man it would be. But living in Aldwych and cheating is just so easy, there’s loads of gorgeous men around and well I’m a pretty girl and they all seem to want my pussy. I’m looking for a quick nsa type of action, like I said I already have a boyfriend so I don’t need another one of them. I want a guy who can meet me in discreet places and pleasure my pussy in ways that I could only imagine.

I picture it like this, you send me an email and we agree on a time to meet, then we have a little chat before you throw me against a tree and play away with me as much as you wanted. That sounds freaking wild doesn’t it guys? I think it does and I so can’t wait to try it out. I think I might need to give myself some pussy pleasure now, I am going to insert a finger or two inside myself. But rest assured I’ll be thinking about you while I am masturbating my vagina.

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