Mature bi lady seeks couples for casual fun

sarah7I am a middle aged curious girl, who is into both women and men, and since I love both of you people, I decided I will try it with a couple this time! I have been with both, girls and boys, men and women, and this time I would love to experience something new! So this goes out to all the couples in Hillingdon, who would love to do it with a curious bi girl! I Hillingdon are also ok for me!

Old couples are really not my type… I don’t want to do anything with weird grannies and old farts! So the older generation… please leave me out of your games, I respect you but I don’t want to do anything with your sexual life and or fantasies! This being said, young and middle aged couples from Hillingdon! If you are interested in me, get in contact, so we could know whether we can make it happen or not…Oh yes, I almost forgot! If you are a single, no matter girl or stud please don’t try to hook up with me! This time I am into couples!

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