Sexy mature looking for a bi men

croydSexy mature looking for a bi men in Croydon! I would love to meet bi men in Croydon Not necessarily just for sex, but for chatting and talking about various things ? I have found out, that bi men are more open to conversations about various things in life, they share their feelings and opinions more openly and directly, which for me is a huge turn on! They are almost like the gay friend every girl would love to have, but you can still have sex with them, which makes things much more interesting! I don’t know why, but knowing that a stud is doing someone from her own sex, is just mind blowing for me!

It turns me on, like nothing else! I just want to attack that innocent little cutie and make dirty things to him or on him! If you are looking for matures as myself in Croydon feel free to contact me, I would really love to be friends with benefits with you, or even be your lover from the opposite sex when you do gay studs… Heck I would even join you when you are having sex with another dude! I would suck your cocks, masturbate lick your balls… all the things that turn you on!!!

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